What to Expect During a Procedure Performed by an Implant Dentist?

Implant Dentist in Kingston PA Area

One of the facial features that individuals identify you quickly with is your teeth. Often, their condition and appearance could be contributing factors if a person will interact with you. The goal of an implant dentist is to preserve your natural smile. The Lawrence Dental Group in Kingston, Pennsylvania, understands that there are numerous reasons why patients need dental implants. Who is the Right Candidate for Dental Implants? Preserving your smile does build self-confidence and improves your general health. Still, potential dental implant candidates will need to be thoroughly examined by an implant dentist before any thoughts of moving forward … Continue reading

Kingston, PA, patients ask, “Where can I find dental implants for my missing teeth?”

In Kingston, PA Area, Patients Ask, “Where Can I Find Dental Implants for My Missing Teeth?”

While losing a tooth as a child is a fun, picture-taking moment, tooth loss as an adult often causes patients to feel self-conscious and can have serious oral health impacts. Dr. Stephen Lawrence and Dr. Jordan Simon from the Lawrence Dental Group in Kingston, PA, have helped countless patients understand their tooth replacement options, including dental implants. They address many common questions and help patients feel more confident about replacing missing teeth.  Why do adults lose their teeth?  We may think that our permanent teeth will last forever, but tooth loss can be caused by several factors, including:  Tooth decay … Continue reading

A Kingston, PA, dentist offers implants for teeth replacement

A Kingston, PA Area, Dentist Offers Implants for Teeth Replacement

Dental implants are just one of several ways in which patients can replace their teeth. Teeth may be lost for a variety of reasons. Some patients may experience tooth loss due to an injury or trauma to their mouth, while others might deal with problems such as periodontal disease. Regardless of how a tooth was lost, Drs. Stephen Lawrence and Jordan K. Simon of Kingston, PA are dentists who may recommend using dental implants for the replacement of one or more teeth. What is a dental implant? By understanding how a dental implant works, patients can see the benefits they … Continue reading

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Highly recommend!

I just had my first visit at Lawrence Dental Group. I switched after about 25 years at another office. I was very happy with the service all around – it was quick, efficient and painless. My hygienist, Ericka, was beyond helpful. She explained everything, worked efficiently and I felt no discomfort. Dr. Simon was so kind and I’m very glad to have switched to this practice. Highly recommend!

Holly F.

Holly F.

Best experience I've ever had

Holy. Crap. I never thought I would love a Dentist, but I love them, so much. Best experience I’ve ever had, period. (however, I may change my opinion after my extraction appointment in a couple of weeks… hahahahaha)

Jonathan E.

Jonathan E.

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