Patients in Kingston, PA, are Discovering the Benefits of Clear Aligners over Metal Braces

Are you looking for a solution to crooked, misaligned or gapped teeth that doesn’t involve bulky and uncomfortable metallic braces? Dr. Stephen Lawrence offers clear aligners as a treatment to patients in the Kingston, PA, area. These aligners are an effective solution to those looking to correct issues with their teeth.

We all desire a smile that looks great, because it makes us feel great. Our smile plays a significant role in how we feel about our appearance and, however unfortunate, can also have a significant impact in how others perceive us. This is a major reason why we can have feelings of insecurity when our smile contains teeth which are crooked, misaligned or gapped. Compounding this issue is the fact that the thought of bulky metal braces to correct any of these issues is incredibly unappealing. We can be thankful then, that dentists like Dr. Lawrence offer an alternative options like clear aligners!

Clear Aligners

The clear aligner straightening system consists of a series of clear, plastic aligners which are custom made to fit your mouth. These plastic aligners, over time, will correct the issues you have with your teeth and leave you with a beautiful straight smile. These aligners are pain free and are designed to apply only a slight pressure on your teeth to push them into the correct position, resulting in a smile that is perfectly and permanently aligned.

How Can I Benefit?

Benefit of Clear Aligners Treatment in Kingston Area

When you and your dentist come to an agreement that clear aligners are the best treatment to straighten your smile, you can not only expect a smile that will look perfect, but you will also:

  • Save time and money due to infrequent dental visits required for your treatment
  • Be able to enjoy the foods you want throughout the treatment since they are removable
  • Find it easier to clean and maintain compared to metal braces
  • Experience no irritation or discomfort

If you are interested in learning more about clear aligners, please call Lawrence Dental Group today at (570) 852-2650.

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Success Stories

Highly recommend!

I just had my first visit at Lawrence Dental Group. I switched after about 25 years at another office. I was very happy with the service all around – it was quick, efficient and painless. My hygienist, Ericka, was beyond helpful. She explained everything, worked efficiently and I felt no discomfort. Dr. Simon was so kind and I’m very glad to have switched to this practice. Highly recommend!

Holly F.

Holly F.

Best experience I've ever had

Holy. Crap. I never thought I would love a Dentist, but I love them, so much. Best experience I’ve ever had, period. (however, I may change my opinion after my extraction appointment in a couple of weeks… hahahahaha)

Jonathan E.

Jonathan E.

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