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As you are all probably aware, the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, after thorough consultation with the Department of Health and the State Board of Dentistry, shut down dental offices, effective March 19. Since that time, we have been complying with the Governor’s order – remaining open for emergency procedures only to do our part to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and to deliver a different cleaning method for the dental operatory.

We are pleased to announce that the Department of Health revised its COVID-19 Dental Health Care Personnel guidance on May 8 to reflect the Governor’s strategic phased reopening plan. The revised guidance lifts the prohibition on “elective” (non-urgent) dental procedures. What does that mean for you and your family? We are ready to see you now for a vast array of dental services and needs!

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Throughout this process, our goal has been to do no harm and to protect our patients (and ourselves), just as some of us did way back in the 1980s when we faced a similar crisis with the AIDS outbreak. Our precautions changed; all procedures necessitated the use of gloves and face protection. So, we continue to follow this rapidly-changing situation and continue to put the safety and health of patients and staff first. The revised guidance further directs dental providers to apply their clinical judgment, knowledge of COVID-19 cases in their respective markets, patient and staff needs, and availability of necessary supplies when assessing whether to move forward with non-urgent and elective dental care.

As we open our doors for non-urgent and non-emergency care, we are continuing to abide by the evolving regulations issued by the state of Pennsylvania to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth. Rest assured that we are also abiding by infection control protocols as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Your health is in good hands, regardless of the needs and goals that may lead you to our office.

After the dental office closure was announced, I had asserted that by the middle of May, much of this would be behind us – that we could then continue to provide what we have always provided: excellent, health-centric dental care. We are right on schedule, and we are here for you. We look forward to hearing from you and reconnecting with you and your family.

Be well and we will see you soon!
Stephen M. Lawrence, DMD and Team


Dental Bridges in Kingston, PA are a stable solution to restore your smile

If you are missing teeth, whether it’s due to an accident, decay, or gum disease, the team at Lawrence Dental Excellence in Kinston, PA is here to help you renew your smile with dental bridges. Dental bridges are a stable solution to missing teeth, filling in the gap and allowing you to maintain the full function of your teeth as well as enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Why it’s Important to Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are both an oral health concern and an aesthetic problem. When natural teeth are lost, it affects the structure of your face, causing you to look prematurely aged. Your remaining teeth may begin to become worn down as you adjust your chewing to compensate for missing teeth. And lastly, healthy teeth may start to drift out of position. Dental bridges restore your smile, allow you to maintain the shape of your face, and restore the ability to properly speak and chew.

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a prosthetic tooth (or teeth) that literally bridge the gap created by missing teeth. It is made of dental crowns which are positioned over the teeth on each side of the gap and false teeth in between. The anchoring teeth are called abutments while the artificial teeth are called pontics. There are several different styles of dental bridges. We will be able to recommend the best one for you based on the health of your anchor teeth as well as where the gap is in the smile.

The Dental Bridge Process

Getting dental bridges requires multiple appointments. During your first visit, the abutment teeth will be recontoured in order to allow room for the dental crowns to be placed over them. Impressions will be taken and sent to the dental laboratory for fabrication of the dental bridge. A temporary bridge will be placed in the interim to protect the prepared teeth and the gum tissue.

When your final dental bridge is ready, you will return to the office. Dr. Lawrence will remove the temporary bridge and check the fit of the bridge, making any necessary adjustments before final placement.

Call Lawrence Dental Excellence in Kingston, PA to Smile Without Gaps

Having gaps in your smile can have a major impact on your self-esteem. Learn how dental bridges can restore your smile and improve your oral hygiene by booking an appointment with us today. Call (570) 852-2650.

Success Stories

Dr. Lawrence was professional

Dr. Lawrence was professional, his staff was excellent and he completed the work I needed done in one sitting. He and his staff have always been that way and they have the most modern equipment I have ever seen. I am a Wyoming Valley native and flew in from Florida to have Dr. Steve work on my teeth.

Thomas H.

Thomas H.

Best dentist's office.

best dentist’s office. my daughter always had the worst anxiety but when I saw we are seeing DR. Lawrence’s office she is brushing her teeth And waiting in the car! got Invisalign there too! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Andrea V.

Andrea V.

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