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 Did you know that majority of adults in the United States have some form of gum disease? As the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, gum disease can wreak havoc on oral health and total wellness without treatment. Fortunately, the team at Lawrence Dental Excellence in Kingston, PA is proactive about monitoring periodontal health so that gum disease can be caught early and treated effectively. We educate our patients about the common causes of gum diseases, treatment options, and most importantly, methods for preventing it.

What Causes Gum Disease?

 Gum disease is an infection in the soft tissue that surrounds the teeth. There are several factors that contribute to the onset of gum disease: plaque buildup, genetics, and lifestyle choices.

  • Plaque Buildup – Plaque is a colorless, sticky film that releases toxins that breakdown the natural fibers in the gum tissue that support the teeth. Plaque build-up is caused by inadequate oral hygiene.
  • Genetics – If you have a family history of gum disease, you are at a higher risk for developing the condition.
  • Lifestyle choices – Smoking and tobacco use can increase the risk of gum disease.

Gum Disease Treatment

 Treatment for gum disease is contingent on how advanced the condition has become. In its earliest stage, gingivitis, treatment may only consist of additional professional cleanings and an improvement in at-home oral hygiene.

When the condition has progressed to advanced periodontitis, treatment becomes much more involved. It can include the following:

  • Scaling and root planing – this professional deep cleaning removes the tartar from below the gum line and smooths out the roots to prevent future build-up.
  • Antibiotics / Antimicrobial mouthwashes – these are used to control the infection.
  • Bone/Tissue Grafting – this may be necessary when bone or tissue loss has occurred as a result of deep infection.
  • Dental Implants – If tooth loss has occurred, dental implants can restore the gaps in the smile.

Bleeding gums are never normal

 Knowing the signs of gum disease can help you identify it early so that it’s more easily treated. The most common indicators of gum disease are:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Teeth that appear elongated
  • Loose/shifting teeth
  • Gum tissue pulling away from the teeth to form pockets

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 When it comes to gum disease, the best method of prevention is routine dental exams along with good oral hygiene at home. If you feel like you may have some of the symptoms of gum disease, call our Kingston, PA office at (570) 852-2650.

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Dr. Lawrence was professional

Dr. Lawrence was professional, his staff was excellent and he completed the work I needed done in one sitting. He and his staff have always been that way and they have the most modern equipment I have ever seen. I am a Wyoming Valley native and flew in from Florida to have Dr. Steve work on my teeth.

Thomas H.

Thomas H.

The staff there is AMAZING.

Yesterday was my first appointment with Dr. Lawrence.
To be honest, it was my first time being in a dentist’s chair in seven years. The staff there is AMAZING. They were so nice and made sure I was comfortable. My dental hygienist was awesome and calmed my anxiety. I wouldn’t recommend anyone besides Dr. Lawrence. Five stars!

Nikki M.

Nikki M.

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