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Dental crowns are a common restoration that can be used to improve the function, strength, and appearance of your tooth. They are most commonly used when teeth have broken, become worn down, or have been impacted by tooth decay. When patients in Kingston, PA need strong, natural-looking dental crowns, they turn to the team at Lawrence Dental Group. Even better, they can be completed a single visit using the revolutionary CEREC technology, saving you both time and the hassle of dealing with temporary crowns.

How Dental Crowns Work

A dental crown is a cap that is cemented into place over an existing tooth, covering the entire visible portion of the tooth above the gum line. The dental crown becomes the new outer surface of your tooth, strengthening it and hiding cosmetic imperfections.  Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials: porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, metal, or a combination of materials. We can recommend the best dental crown option based on the location of the tooth and the goals you have for the appearance of your smile; however, many of our patients choose ceramic crowns because they can be fabricated using CEREC technology in one visit while you wait comfortably, rather than needing to wait with a temporary crown while your permanent crown is made.

The CEREC Dental Crown Process

The process for getting a dental crown traditionally required two visits to the office for it to be designed and placed. However, with CEREC technology, it is all done in the same visit. First, the tooth is prepared by removing a small portion of the enamel so that the crown will slide easily over the tooth and blend in with the rest of your teeth.

We then take use a high-tech digital camera to take images within your mouth. These images take the place of physical impressions of your teeth, and allow for the final crown to be more precisely and perfectly created to fit your tooth. The CEREC machine uses these digital impressions to mill your crown out of a block of ceramic while you wait comfortably in the office. Our patients can even watch their crown being made! Then, we place the crown in your mouth and ensure that it has the perfect fit before cementing it onto your tooth.

Conquering the New Age of Digital Dentistry at Lawrence Dental Group

Conquering the New Age of Digital Dentistry at Lawrence Dental Group
At the Lawrence Dental Group, dentistry is more than just your usual solutions. The clinic provides Digital Dentistry and cutting-edge technology so patients can watch their crowns being designed in real-time.
Video Transcript

This is just exciting. Digital dentistry is awesome, and patients love it. You came in; you need a crown? We design it right next to the patient, and they love to see that. Any health profession today we need to be focused on what is new what’s the research saying, and what is going on. I’ve been practicing dentistry for 40 years. People ask me why don’t you retire? It’s like I have never had more fun.

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Caring for your dental crowns

Regardless of the whether you get a CEREC crown or a traditional crown made of a different material, caring for it is the same as caring for your natural tooth. Make sure to brush every day and floss between teeth to prevent the buildup of plaque that can lead to decay. It’s also important to maintain routine dental visits and avoid using your teeth to open packages or bite on hard objects as it could damage the crown.

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Dental crowns are a great way to protect and enhance your oral health and the beauty of your smile, and with CEREC technology, you can walk into the office and have a beautiful, durable crown placed on the same day. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Lawrence, please call us today at (570) 852-2650.

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Dr. Stephen Lawrence Dr. Stephen Lawrence has served as a private practitioner for over 25 years. From Instant Orthodontics to Smile Makeovers’, he is considered as one of the most skilled and experienced cosmetic dentists in the area. He has attended the prestigious Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education and is also a certified Clear Aligners Preferred Provider and Perio Protect nonsurgical gum treatment provider. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Pennsylvania Dental Association.

Success Stories

Calming and relaxing environment

Dr. Lawrence has state of the art technology and equipment. You are in and out in one visit, if you need a crown, no return visit with a temporary one needed like other dentists, love it!! Dr. Lawrence creates a calming and relaxing environment, so if you’re afraid of the dentist, don’t be, especially here!!!

Mike C.

Mike C.

Best experience I've ever had

Holy. Crap. I never thought I would love a Dentist, but I love them, so much. Best experience I’ve ever had, period. (however, I may change my opinion after my extraction appointment in a couple of weeks… hahahahaha)

Jonathan E.

Jonathan E.

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