Top Reasons Why Dentist in Kingston PA Would Need To Extract A Tooth As A Last Resort

We have all heard the phrase “like pulling teeth” when talking about performing any task that is considered undesirable and difficult. Nobody wants a tooth pulled and no dentist should want to pull a tooth. Unfortunately, in some cases, it cannot be avoided, and tooth extraction may need to be performed as a last resort. Dr. Stephen Lawrence will never recommend a tooth be extracted unless completely necessary. When necessary though, Dr. Lawrence has performed extractions with great success. The truth is that, in some situations, a tooth cannot be saved. Dr. Lawrence will always attempt to save your tooth but there are conditions, levels of damage, and more that can make extraction a necessary measure. Let’s discuss some reasons why an extraction would be considered necessary.

Severe Decay

We all know that oral bacteria form in the mouth as plaque and builds up on teeth. Plaque thrives on the sugars we eat and metabolizes these sugars by creating acids that eat at your teeth. This is how cavities are formed. Small cavities are easily fixed with a filling but, in more severe cases, this decay can become quite serious. Many cases of advanced tooth decay can be treated with a root canal.

However, in some cases where decay has advanced to the point where the tooth has lost stability, or where an abscess has been produced which threatens the integrity of the jawbone, an extraction may be required.

Advanced Gum Disease

Advanced Gum Disease in Kingston Area

The same bacteria that leads to tooth decay also causes gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss. Oral bacteria can get below the gumline and wreak pure havoc in the form of infection that, when untreated, can lead to gum recession, bone damage, and (eventually) loose teeth. When a tooth is weakened to such an advanced state, tooth extraction may be the only answer to treating and reversing the underlying gum disease. The good news is that when a tooth is removed to eradicate gum disease, it can be replaced by a dental implant.

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Dr. Stephen Lawrence Dr. Stephen Lawrence has served as a private practitioner for over 25 years. From Instant Orthodontics to Smile Makeovers’, he is considered as one of the most skilled and experienced cosmetic dentists in the area. He has attended the prestigious Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education and is also a certified Clear Aligners Preferred Provider and Perio Protect nonsurgical gum treatment provider. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Pennsylvania Dental Association.

Success Stories

Calming and relaxing environment

Dr. Lawrence has state of the art technology and equipment. You are in and out in one visit, if you need a crown, no return visit with a temporary one needed like other dentists, love it!! Dr. Lawrence creates a calming and relaxing environment, so if you’re afraid of the dentist, don’t be, especially here!!!

Mike C.

Mike C.

Best experience I've ever had

Holy. Crap. I never thought I would love a Dentist, but I love them, so much. Best experience I’ve ever had, period. (however, I may change my opinion after my extraction appointment in a couple of weeks… hahahahaha)

Jonathan E.

Jonathan E.

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