Understanding the Different Types of Denture Treatment Available in Kingston, PA

Do you find yourself in a situation where you hate your smile or are facing dental health issues due to missing teeth? Dentures offer a wide variety of benefits to those looking to fill in their smile. Whether it be purely for aesthetic reasons or to restore functionality and restore health, dentures are a great option available to patients in Kingston, PA, who visit Dr. Stephen Lawrence at Lawrence Dental Group. Dr. Lawrence provides several dental options. Let us look at a couple of options offered as well as the benefits.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures at Lawrence Dental Group in Kingston PA Area

If you are in a situation where you have lost most, if not all, of your teeth or have very few teeth that can be saved, then full dentures may be the best option available to you. The process of getting full dentures begins with your health in mind. Steps such as removing your remaining damaged and diseased teeth, caring for any existing infections, and making sure you are pain-free are particularly important. Once the health of your mouth has been restored, your road to full dentures can begin.

You will need to wait for your mouth to heal and return to a healthy state before you can have your dentures put into place. Once in place, full dentures will help remove that sunken look you may have developed due to not having any teeth in place. You will have a more youthful and healthier appearance. The functionality will also be restored so you can speak and chew properly.

Partial Dentures

When you have only lost a single tooth or a few in a row, partial dentures are going to be your best option. A quick option that will restore the aesthetic appearance of your smile by filling in any unsightly gaps, partial dentures will also promote and protect the health of your surrounding natural teeth. This is done by preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting into the gap. And by preventing the overuse of one side of your mouth. Partial dentures, the same as full, will restore full chewing functionality so, you are not always having to chew on one particular side of your mouth.

Either of these options can be put into place as implant-retained dentures. Implanted dentures offer the benefit of increased stability when compared to removable dentures, which could present issues such as discomfort due to sliding around in the mouth.

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Success Stories

Dr. Lawrence was professional

Dr. Lawrence was professional, his staff was excellent and he completed the work I needed done in one sitting. He and his staff have always been that way and they have the most modern equipment I have ever seen. I am a Wyoming Valley native and flew in from Florida to have Dr. Steve work on my teeth.

Thomas H.

Thomas H.

The staff there is AMAZING.

Yesterday was my first appointment with Dr. Lawrence.
To be honest, it was my first time being in a dentist’s chair in seven years. The staff there is AMAZING. They were so nice and made sure I was comfortable. My dental hygienist was awesome and calmed my anxiety. I wouldn’t recommend anyone besides Dr. Lawrence. Five stars!

Nikki M.

Nikki M.

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